Medical Billing Services

We offer specialty-specific medical billing and coding support We have seven separate teams working on all the major phases of your revenue cycle. Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Support is sure to even out the wrinkles, and assure you of a minimum 10% increase in collections.

On board AAPC certified coders and billers who work on your claims at all times, on all days. Interface with any EMR or EHR system you use. And the fact that we are not going to charge a single cent for it is the coolest part of the deal. Round the clock AR calling services

  • Benefits of working with BillingParadise
  • Free EMR/EHR Subscription
  • Free Credentialing Services
  • Robust CDM standardization and CCI edits
  • 24/7 Tehnical Suppor
  • AAPC Certified Billng and coding Specialists
  • Free 12 months annual Revenue checkup
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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