We better your billing cycle.

One claim at a timeā€¦

Mass Medical Billing Services offers you:

  • Maximum reimbursement of your claims.
  • Collection on your aged accounts receivable.
  • Electronic processing of medical claims.
  • Significant reduction in your practice cost and dramatic improvement of your cash flow.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

In addition to processing your claims, our staff will be alert at spotting any problems in your office with regards to proper preparation and delivery of billing information. This extra care assures you that no matter how hectic your office becomes there is someone watching the financial end of your practice.

With rapidly changing medical billing needs and regulations, our staff provides security and confidence that, at all times your financial interests are being given full attention they deserve, so that you can focus on what you do best i.e. providing quality healthcare.

Mass Medical Billing Service strives to develop long-term relationships by earning trust through dedication and results. We hope that we have the opportunity to provide our medical billing service to you.

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Low cost billing support
Reduce operational costs with our cost-effective billing support. We charge 4-8% of your collections based on several variables such as your claim volume, medical specialty, aging AR, number of providers etc… Save up on administrative, claim processing and labor costs by working with us.

Because, we know what you, need...
Mass Medical Billing offers innovative, customized solutions that are just what the doctor ordered! We offer specialty-specific billing support and adhere to the billing regulations and industry standards of all specialties.

Are you an EMR user?
Mass Medical Billing was the first one of the block to offer billing solutions for EMR/EHR users. We work effortlessly with all major EHRs . Get rid of the frustration of working with systems that slow you down and spend more time with patients. Secure integration options available. Cut overheads with our amazing offers for EMR/EHR users. Get more info here.

Know the story behind the numbers!
theBillingBridge is a revenue tracking and analytics app built for healthcare organizations. Carry actionable data with you wherever you go! Get realtime reports of # of claims submitted, # of rejections, net collections, top paying insurer details and a lot more. Get instant answers to all the questions that matter.

To know is to believe
Request for our 7 day free trial to know we are not selling you snake-oil. See the difference from day one, of working with us. To take a closer look at what we can do for you fill out this form!

Automate and tighten your revenue cycle
Powerful RCM Tools

  • ContractEdge

    Scrutinizes insurer compliance with contractual terms and audit remittances.

  • CodePro

    Lists out top paying CPT codes so users know where to focus on to drive up revenue.

  • ClaimCheck

    Inbuilt claims scrubbing tools to increase your first pass claim acceptance rate

Mass Medical Billing Powerful RCM Tools
  • DenialManager

    Maps denial reason codes to identify denial trends and address problem areas.

  • ARAnalyzer

    Prioritizes and organizes pending AR into buckets based on age, claim value & insurer.

  • theBillingBridge

    Provides extensive net collection reports that detail insurer and patient collections.

Struggling To Bill With Your EHR?

At Mass Medical Billing Services we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.