• Internal Medicine Billing Services

    We Bill and Code Using Your Software

Internal Medicine Billing Services

We Bill and Code Using Your Software

Our brilliant medical billing/coding services for Medicine Specialist:
Mass Medical Billing Services offers medical billing services that fits your pockets and outgrows your expectations. We offer best medical billing services ever available in the market. Mass Medical Billing Services services can be tailor made to fit medicine specialist requirements. We stand out among the medical billing service provider crowd by offering

Outsourcing models that make money for your practice:
Mass Medical Billing Services has an incredible business research team. The team includes veterans in the medical billing industry. The result of this is our winning outsourcing model. With this in place, a medicine specialist can save thousands of dollars on their medical office operations. On embracing our outsourcing model Mass Medical Billing Services takes care of your entire medical billing/coding operations. Our swift workflow will make you feel that we are only an extension of your medicine specialist office.

We bill and code using your software:
You have medical billing/coding software deployed at your medical facility?

  • We are happy to help. We do not press you to change the software.
  • Mass Medical Billing Services offers medical billing/coding services through the software of the medicine specialist's choice.
  • Our medical billing/coding team is the best in the industry.
  • The team is cross trained in all types of software and forms/templates.
  • Their accuracy is unmatched giving 100% error-free medical billing/coding experience. All our operations are 100% HIPAA compliant.

File and claim your reimbursements on time:
A well funded treasury means a healthy medical practice. Mass Medical Billing Services keeps the treasury of your medical practice well funded through effective claims management services.

Our unique process in handling your claims submission will help you file claims on time and avoid missing of claims. Before submitting these claims, our scrubbing houses scrub the claims free of errors. This ensures zero-ejected claims. We offer claims denial management service. We appeal lost claims and process them to get full reimbursements. With our revenue management system we keep your medical practice well funded through timely reimbursements.

Fully loaded customer support:
Mass Medical Billing Services is an award winner for blazing customer support. We retain 100% of our clients through 24 hour customer support. Our customer support officers are available 24x7x365. Our clients are spread out across the globe. That makes us time-zone compliant. Call us to throw your queries, our customer support officers will walk that extra mile to help find answers or guide you through our offers and packages.

Specialized Support

An answer for your every need

Billing & collections

Do you want a powerful internal medicine for your billing aches? Mass Medical Billing Services is your answer. Our internal medicine billing experts can up your collections ratio and decrease workflow hassles. And the best aspect of working with us is that we have a solution for every concern of yours.

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Most internal medicine practices struggle with revenue loss after a compliance update. At Mass Medical Billing Services we minimize regulatory pressures by staying on top of evolving regulations and ensuring that your practice is completely compliant. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance and eliminate audit risks.

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EMR Support

Contain costs with our internal medicine EHR/EMR billing support. Missed dinner again?Most users complain that an EHR adds to the number of hours they work. We bill and process claims within your EHR system so you can get back home early. And spend less time worrying about,whether you fed your system with the right billing information.

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Old AR

Mass Medical Billing Services's stand alone old AR clean up / recovery service will let you submit accurate & error free claims. Which means our dedicated AR management team will follow up with your old unpaid claims. We will assign you a dedicated insurance specific calling team who knows the language of your payer. Our AR callers are internal medicine specific, trained and certified professionals.

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